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    Why was Sdrumox banned?

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    Why was Sdrumox banned?

    Why was Sdrumox banned?

    The reason for the permaban An e-mail from the platform arrived in his mailbox, which reported a ban imposed on him for "hate speech", or incitement to hate. Later the streamer got in touch with a member of the site staff, "Mr. V".

    How to tell if I have been banned from Twitch?

    To check if your channel has been banned see: STREAMERSBANS: The site lists the latest bans and unbans and allows you to search for your nick (premium) easily.

    Why was Fedez banned?

    Fedez and Homyatol have been banned from Twitch. Unless you have a time machine, this content is not available, ”you might read by looking for their profiles on the purple platform. The ban, reported by StreamerBans, has left Twitch users in shock.
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