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    Why is Rondanini's Pietà so called?

    Why is Rondanini's Pietà so called?

    Why is Rondanini's Pietà so called?

    In 1952, however, a real Michelangelo is put up for sale: it is the Pietà called Rondanini due to the family that owned it (even if the real name was Rondinini).

    For whom does Michelangelo sculpt the Pietà?

    Michelangelo sculpted the Pietà, which is on display in St. Peter's Basilica at the Vatican, at the age of twenty-four. The commission was made to him by the French cardinal Jean de Bilhères. The cleric was ambassador of Charles VIII to the court of Pope Alexander VI.

    How tall is the Rondanini Pietà?

    he in the 1s, faces a block of Apuan marble where he had already committed up to the last days of his life: to be precise, up to the 196 sculpture is 70 cm high, 73 wide and XNUMX deep.

    What did Michelangelo sculpt?

    David by Michelangelo, the sculptor sculpted the jugular 100 years before the description of the circulatory system. Over 100 years before science described the mechanics of the circulatory system and therefore also of the jugular vein, Michelangelo sculpted it correctly in his works, particularly in the David.

    What are the Prisons for?

    Prison (also prison, penitentiary, derogatory gattabuia or jail), is a place, generally under the direct administration of a State, in which individuals deprived of personal freedom are detained because they are found guilty of crimes for which a prison sentence.

    What does sculpture mean for Michelangelo?

    Michelangelo's famous phrase "sculpture is that which is done by force to remove" not only expresses the Platonic concept of the pre-existing idea, closed in the rigor of the block from which the artist must free it by removing the "excess", but also, and above all, it expresses a struggle against the stone that must be ...
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