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    Why don't I tan my legs?

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    Why don't I tan my legs?

    Why don't I tan my legs?

    Let's start by solving the doubt: why do my legs tan less? Because the lower limbs contain fewer melanocytes, the cells that stimulate melanin, the only one responsible for our tan.

    How to get a tan under the chin?

    "With the head back to stretch the skin, spread a bb cream from under the chin to the base of the neck and then, with a natural bristle brush, a veil of earth of the right shade (based on the color of your cheekbones, where the tan is more intense).

    Why does our body get tanned?

    When we expose ourselves to sunlight, the skin implements a defense mechanism that stimulates the production of melanin, a substance that is the "responsible" for the golden brown complexion. Melanin therefore acts as a natural filter that does not allow the harmful rays of the sun to penetrate and cause damage and injuries.

    How to get a tan under the neck?

    "To ensure an even tan, it is good to sunbathe well stretched out, so as to expose all areas of the body, including the neck, otherwise the risk is to highlight the darker skin and light wrinkles, but always using the right protection.

    How to sunbathe evenly?

    - the best way to get a tan is to move, in this way the sun's rays will envelop us evenly; - at the end of the day, take a shower and shampoo carefully both to remove salt and sand from the body and to decongest the skin and rehydrate it.

    How is melanin produced?

    Melanin is produced by melanocytes, dendritic cells belonging to the basal layer of the epidermis. Their dendrites grow upwards and make contact with a fair number of keratinocytes. The number of melanocytes is approximately the same, regardless of the population they belong to.

    What helps melanin?

    What it is for and all the benefits of melanin Very simple, it protects our DNA from the UV rays of the sun like a natural filter. Furthermore, it helps prevent skin aging, counteracts the degenerative process caused by sun exposure and neutralizes the production of free radicals.

    How to know if I have low melanin?

    The lack of melanin in the body appears as spots that are lighter in color than that of normal skin, with a rounded or linear shape and generally sharp edges.

    Who doesn't have melanin?

    An individual, both animal and human, who does not produce melanin is called albino, while an individual who has a partial production of melanin is called albinoid. Melanin is the agent that protects life from the harmful effects of solar ultraviolet radiation.
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