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    Why doesn't the INPS site work?

    Why doesn't the INPS site work?

    Why doesn't the INPS site work?

    In practice, when on several occasions and on several different days you have logged in to the INPS site, your browser has recorded the data of your section in the cache and has not yet had the opportunity to download them to obtain new ones. To fix the problem you need to completely clear the cache from your browser.

    How to open the INPS website PDF?

    To view and print PDF documents it is necessary to install the free Adobe Reader program or one of the free products made according to the open standard, available for example at

    How to access Inps online services?

    To access the INPS online services you can use the following credentials, which will all remain in use even after the transitional phase: SPID (Public Digital Identity System), CIE (Electronic Identity Card) and CNS (National Services Card).

    How to download documents from the INPS site?

    The single certification can be downloaded online, by accessing the portal of the Institute .... To be able to download the INPS certification, it is necessary to go to the dedicated service on the Institute's website and continue following the following path:
    1. Performance and services.
    2. All the services.
    3. Single certification (Citizen)

    How to enable the plug in Adobe Reader for the Inps browser?

    In the Preferences window, click Security, then click Website Settings next to Internet Plugins. The browser is now set to use the Adobe Reader plug-in for viewing PDFs.
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