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    Why did Raimondo Todaro's marriage end?

    Why did Raimondo Todaro's marriage end?

    Why did Raimondo Todaro's marriage end?

    It was thought of her betrayal with the dancer Valentin, who she met at Amici, but the boy had already made it clear that when he had a flirt with Francesca she was no longer tied to Raimondo. Now it is the latter who unbuttoned a little more with the weekly Oggi.

    What is the name of Francesca's daughter touch?

    Jasmine Todaro Francesca Tocca/Daughters

    Why did Todaro leave Dancing with the stars?

    In a post on Instagram, Raimondo Todaro announces that he wants to leave the cast of «Dancing with the Stars» to take new professional paths. ... And that's why I decided to leave this path and try new challenges, aware and grateful for the tools that Ballando and Milly have given me.

    How old is Francesca touching?

    Francesca Tocca born in 1989 in Catania, is 30 years old and 175 cm tall. Not much is known about her private life. For example, nothing is known about her about her family and her past relationships. Only what is published by her on her social profiles is known.

    Who is Francesca La wife of Todaro?

    Francesca Tocca is a professional dancer who we got to know in the Friends of Maria De Filippi program. In any case, Francesca is also the ex-wife of Raimondo Todaro, the well-known master of Dancing with the stars.

    Who leaves Dancing with the Stars?

    Raimondo Todaro Raimondo Todaro, iconic face of the program for several years, has announced his intention to leave forever through his social profile. Since 17 September 2005 my life, my growth and my dedication are linked to a big family, that of #ballandoconlestelle and above all @millycarlucci.

    Who abandons Dancing with the Stars?

    Simone di Pasquale Dancing with the Stars, Simone di Pasquale abandons “I still don't know what she will do in the future but the only fixed point is that I want to continue working with Milly Carlucci to show her my gratitude. I owe my success to her ”.
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