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    Why can't you see Rai on Sky?

    Why can't you see Rai on Sky?

    Why can't you see Rai on Sky?

    The Rai1, Rai2 and Rai3 channels are not seen because the DTT ones are stored in the decoder. 2) With the "menu" key on the remote control and with the right-left arrows you go to the "Assistance" screen and click OK by selecting "DIAGNOSTICS" on the drop-down menu.

    Who has Sky Q has to change TV?

    With Sky Q you won't need to change TV and you won't need another decoder.

    How to retune channels on Sky Q?

    Sky Q software - press the Home button on the remote control, go to the Settings> Digital terrestrial section, highlight the Search for channels and press the OK button, to start the new tuning of the same.

    How can I see Rai on Sky?

    For example Rai Uno according to the LCN numbering is in position 1: on the Sky decoder it will be in position 5001. Rai HD is in position LCN 501, therefore it will be at 5501 of the Sky decoder.

    How to watch 5001 channels on Sky Q?

    To see the digital terrestrial channels via Sky Q Platinum or Black decoder and also with Sky Q Fibra it is necessary first of all to connect the cable of your terrestrial antenna to the RF IN port of the device, and perform the channel search in the Settings> Digital section. Terrestrial.

    How to retune the HD decoder?

    Press the key to enter the MENU. Select the item "Settings" or the section dedicated to the management of TV channels. Choose the item “Search for channels” If you are offered to update or reinstall all channels, choose the reinstall option.
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