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    Who killed Ciro di Gomorrah?

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    Who killed Ciro di Gomorrah?

    Who killed Ciro di Gomorrah?

    Genny Invited on Enzo's yacht to celebrate the agreement victory, he reveals his real intentions, which is to kill Genny. Ciro sacrifices himself in his place by claiming to be the instigator of Carmela's murder to protect his friend. Genny is forced to shoot Ciro and throw the body into the sea.

    What happens to Scianel?

    Rebuking her hatred for the abuses suffered by Marinella, she reveals that it was she who both convinced Don Pietro to have his son killed and convinced Marinella to act against her. Patrizia then kills Scianel with two pistol shots and goes out.

    Who dies in Gomorra 3?

    The next morning Genny, Malammore and his right arm 'a Lince go to Ciro's hideout. This turns out to be Genny's trap, where Malammore is killed by Ciro.
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