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    Who killed Achilles?

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    Who killed Achilles?

    Who killed Achilles?

    The tenth year of the siege, due to a dispute between the Greeks, Achilles withdrew from the fight to return to the field only to avenge the death of his friend Patroclus. He killed Hector in a duel and was killed in turn by Paris, who hit him in his only vulnerable point, the heel.

    How does the long siege end?

    The duel ended with a truce, wanted by two ambassadors, by order of Zeus. The next day the fighting resumed. The Greeks, pursued by Ettore, were pushed more and more towards their camp. ... Ettore and the other commanders threw themselves against the wall that protected the ships.

    When Paris kills Achilles?

    Paris, however, was an excellent archer, he never missed the target. After Achilles killed Memnon, and by now the Trojans were fleeing towards the walls from the city, Paris fired an arrow which, guided by Apollo, went to lodge itself in Achilles' only weak point - the heel - killing him.

    In what book is Achilles killed?

    The death of Achilles. Book 22 of the Iliad opens with the still and solitary image of Hector. Unlike the other Trojans, he remains outside the walls of Troy to face Achilles. Meanwhile, the god Apollo reveals himself to Achilles.

    How does the Aeneid poem end?

    Turn, regardless of the fate that feels contrary to him, challenges Aeneas and is killed in the final duel. The Aeneid closes with the image of Turnus's soul fleeing indignant into the shadows.

    What happens to Elena at the end of the war?

    The Iliad shows us an Helen who, after ten years of bloody war, is in the throes of remorse for having been the cause of so many massacres. Even the love for Paris is no longer as alive as it used to be. She is still a disturbing woman, an object of admiration by the old Trojans. Fall of Troy, Elena is reunited with Menelaus.

    How is war described in the Iliad?

    Miserable, tearful, painful, gruesome. This is how the war is described in the Iliad, the epic poem that Homer composed around 730 BC and which narrates the struggle between two armies vying for the city of Troy.

    How does Agamemnon respond to Achilles' accusations?

    If they don't give it to me, I will kidnap it myself, be it Ajax's slave, Ulysses's, or even yours! " Agamemnon's answer, however, irritates Achilles, who replies: “You, dressed in shamelessness, greedy for gain, how can an Achaean want to obey you or march or fight strongly against the warriors?

    What is the purpose of the Aeneid?

    Like the Iliad, the Aeneid also ends with a duel, in which the main hero, Aeneas, kills his main enemy, Turnus. His death is decided by fate, and it is necessary for the foundation of Rome to be accomplished. For this reason the episode is characterized by a sense of inevitability.

    What problems did Virgil have to solve for the composition of the Aeneid?

    A bridge between classical literature and medieval literature The problem of the Aeneid was to leave the problem of destiny, of fate unresolved. To finish the Aeneid, Virgil perhaps no longer needed ancient literature, but that which was still to come.

    How does Elena die in season six?

    Saved by Tyler, Elena feels sick and is treated by Meredith with vampire blood. Matt takes her away from Mystic Falls, but the car ends up in the river: Elena dies, but, due to the blood given to her by Meredith, she turns into a vampire.
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