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    Who is the most powerful family in Calabria?

    Who is the most powerful family in Calabria?

    Who is the most powerful family in Calabria?

    The Mancusos are a very powerful criminal gang of Limbadi and Nicotera considered by the investigative bodies as the most influential clan of the province of Vibo Valentia (in fact the other 'ndrine of the Vibo Valentia area are considered "satellite" clans that gravitate around the Mancusos) but also have influences in Reggio ...

    Who are the Calabrian bosses?

    • Antonio Cataldo.
    • Francesco Cataldo.
    • Giuseppe Cataldo †
    • Giuseppe Coluccio.
    • Salvatore Coluccio.
    • Antonio Commisso.
    • Francesco Commisso.
    • Cosimo Commisso.

    How many are the Ndrangheta?

    According to other estimates, however, the 'Ndrangheta would be active in 30 countries with 400 gangs and 60 affiliates, most of which in Calabria.

    Who is the boss of Crotone?

    Luigi Vrenna Luigi Vrenna, known as Zu Luigi. The 'ndrina Vrenna is a criminal gang or' ndrina of Crotone.

    Who's in charge in Rosarno?

    The 'ndrina dei Pesce is one of the most powerful gangs of the' ndrangheta, with an army of affiliates in 30 'clubs' and a myriad of' ndrine, with interests extending from Reggio Calabria to Milan. The 'ndrina has its operational base in Rosarno, in the province of Reggio Calabria.

    Where was the ruthless shot?

    Foggia Cinema, in Foggia the shooting of the film 'Lo ruthless': Riccardo Scamarcio and Sara Serraiocco in the cast.

    Who is Giuseppina Pesce?

    An endless ordeal for Giuseppina Pesce, 34, the daughter of the Rosarno boss Salvatore Pesce, who in 2011 had decided to rebel against the family's mafia rules. A repentant 'Ndrangheta woman is a stain that only a family member can "wash", with blood of course.
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