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    Who is the lessor?

    Who is the lessor?

    Who is the lessor?

    In law, a "lessor" (or lessor party) is defined as the contractual party that grants a leased asset, as opposed to the other contractual party, the "lessee" (or lessee or lessee) or the one who receives this asset.

    Who is the lessor and who is the lessee?

    Contract by which one party (lessor) grants another (lessee) the use of movable or immovable property for a certain time and for a specified consideration; rent: lease a house.

    What is the tenant?

    Whoever leases a thing of use, and spec. a property: the l. of an apartment (i.e. the tenant), of a shop. Also as adj .: the family, the tenant company.

    Who is rented is you called?

    The company lease is the contract by which the owner (lessee), for a fee, undertakes to let another person (tenant) enjoy the company, who must manage it, without changing its destination and in order to preserve the efficiency of the organization and plants and the normal ...

    What does it mean to be the tenant of the vehicle?

    1. For the purposes of this article, a vehicle is intended to be rented without a driver when the lessor, for a fee, undertakes to make the vehicle available to the lessee, for the needs of the latter.

    Who is the tenant of the lease?

    The tenant, often also referred to as the lessee, is the person who receives a certain movable or immovable property from the owner, i.e. the lessor.

    What is up to the landlord?

    In general, the replacement of light bulbs, cleaning, bills for electricity and water consumption are the responsibility of the tenant. While, the painting and varnishing of elements, the supply, installation, repair and extraordinary maintenance of objects, to the owner.

    Who is rented and usufructuary?

    This figure takes the name of "naked owner". All the rights of use of the property pass to the usufructuary, who acquires the following rights and obligations: ... To make the fruits of the thing their own (rent etc ...) Obligation not to change its economic destination.

    What does a natural tenant mean?

    1. Definition of lessor and lessee. ... The term landlord means the person who owns a property and decides to sell it to another in exchange for a sum of money. The tenant, on the other hand, is the one who benefits from the property of another by paying a sum for it, with precise deadlines.

    What is up to the tenant?

    The tenant is responsible for the expenses for:
    • ordinary maintenance of the lift.
    • television antenna and lighting.
    • annual cleaning, plant and filters, seasonal rest;
    • meter reading;
    • driving force, fuel;
    • consumption of fuel, water, electricity.
    • unblocking of wells and ducts.
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