Who is the fabulator?

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Who is the fabulator?

Who is the fabulator?

The storyteller, however, is not simply the one who tells a story, a fable: the storyteller is the one who develops a magnetic narrative on the basis of facts, in whole or in part, unfounded.

What is fabulation?

fabulation In psychiatry, the ability to invent stories, even rich in details; this ability, which is physiological in children, can take on a marked pathological significance in mythomaniac personalities (pseudology fantastic).

How is the practice by which clerics buy ecclesiastical titles defined?

The term Simony indicates the will to buy or sell a good of a spiritual order, or a thing of this world connected with the spiritual sphere; it is used in general to indicate the acquisition of spiritual goods in exchange for money.

How does one become a cleric?

From the entry into force (January 1, 1973) of the motu proprio Ministeria quaedam of August 15, 1972, one becomes a cleric by ordination to the diaconate without any other particular rite.
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