Who is Sandra Milo's boyfriend?

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Who is Sandra Milo's boyfriend?

Who is Sandra Milo's boyfriend?

Cesare Rodighieros. 1948–1948 Sandra Milo / Husband

Where was Sandra Milo born?

Tunis, Tunisia Sandra Milo / Place of birth

Who was Sandra Milo's first husband?

Ottavio De Lollis, ex-husband of Sandra Milo and father of two of the three children of the actress, has often been the protagonist of the interviews that Milo has given over the years.

Who made the call to Sandra Milo?

The author of the call was never identified. To call live, she had presented herself to the switchboard operators with the name of Maria Ramondio, a naturally false name.

How old is Sandra Milo?

88 years () Sandra Milo / Age

Who were Sandra Milo's parents?

Marie Greco Sandra Milo / Parents

What year was Sandra Milo born?

(age 88), Tunis, Tunisia Sandra Milo / Birth

In which year did Sandra Milo get married?

Her stormy love life, her wedding at the age of fifteen with the Marquis Cesare Rodighiero in 1948 (lasting 21 days), her eleven-year relationship with Moris Ergas (from which Deborah, a television journalist was born) and a subsequent union with Ottavio De Lollis ( with the birth of Ciro and then of Azzurra), put in ...

In what year did Sandra Milo get married?

1948 (Cesare Rodighiero) Sandra Milo / Wedding dates

What is Sandra Milo's real name?

Sandra Milo, pseudonym of Salvatrice Elena Greco, was born on 11 March 1933 in Tunis.

What year did Sandra Milo go to the Cannes Film Festival?

The heart elsewhere is a 2003 film, directed by Pupi Avati, presented in competition at the 56th Cannes Film Festival.
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