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    Who is Roberto Parodi's wife?

    Who is Roberto Parodi's wife?

    Who is Roberto Parodi's wife?

    Giovanna Dedè Parodis. 1994 Roberto Parodi / Wife On June 5, 1994 he married Giovanna Dedè, three children were born from the union: Pietro, Vittorio and Fiammetta. He is the brother of journalists Cristina Parodi and Benedetta Parodi.

    What does Roberto Parodi do?

    Journalist TV presenter Roberto Parodi / Professions

    How many children does Roberto Parodi have?

    Fiammetta Parodi Vittorio ParodiPietro Parodi Roberto Parodi / Sons

    How old are Roberto Parodi's children?

    Proud parents, family lovers, the Parodi stopped the moment with a click. In the shot there are Cristina's children: Benedetta, 17, Alessandro, 16, Angelica, 12; those of Benedetta: Matilde, 11, Eleonora, 9, Diego, 4; Roberto's three children: Pietro, Vittorio and Fiammetta.

    Who is Benedetta Parodi's brother?

    Roberto Parodi Benedetta Parodi / Brothers

    What bike does Roberto Parodi have?

    The great love for two wheels begins at fourteen, with a terrible 50cc Motograziella, which fortunately is soon replaced by a small Harley-Davidson SST-125. Years later he switched to a 7 Guzzi V1972-Special, but it was with a 1340 Harley-Davidson Road King 1998cc that he began to travel seriously.

    How many Parodi sisters are there?

    Cristina Parodi Benedetta Parodi / Sisters She is the sister of Cristina Parodi, also a journalist and TV presenter, and of Roberto Parodi, writer and journalist, specialized in motorcycle travel.

    What is the name of Parodi's brother?

    Roberto Parodi Benedetta Parodi / Brothers

    What are the names of Caressa's children?

    Matilde Caressa Diego Caressa Eleonora Caressa Fabio Caressa / Children

    What are the names of Parodi's children?

    Alessandro Gori Benedetta Gori Angelica Gori Cristina Parodi / Children

    What do the Parodi children do?

    His mother describes him temperamentally very similar to her and with the hobby of surfing. Angelica, the little girl of the house, 20 years old, is instead an artist: she loves to sing and dreams of making the big leap to fame with a respectable production.
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