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    Who is Ornella Vanoni's father?

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    Who is Ornella Vanoni's father?

    Who is Ornella Vanoni's father?

    Nino Vanoni Ornella Vanoni / Fathers

    What is the title of Ornella Vanoni's last song?

    A smile inside crying Here is my new song, “A smile inside crying”.

    What did Ornella Vanoni sing?

    The most famous songs of Ornella Vanoni? "Without end", "I will give you more", "I am no longer with you", "The appointment", "One more reason". In 2018 she returned to the Ariston stage twenty years after her last race. Together with Bungaro and Pacifico she sang "Learn to love each other" and she finished fifth.

    What is Ornella Vanoni's real name?

    Lucio Minunni He is also the father of the only son of Ornella Vanoni or Cristiano. It concerns his private life, we know that his real name seems to be Lucio Minunni. His artistic success came when he presented a song called Ombretta accompanied by the Angelini Orchestra.

    What is the name of Ornella Vanoni and Gabbani's song?

    A smile inside the tears Sanremo Festival Ornella Vanoni and Francesco Gabbani with 'A smile inside tears'

    What is the name of Ornella Vanoni's song written by Gabbani?

    A smile inside the cry "A smile inside the cry" has lyrics and music signed by the singer-songwriter from Carrara. Carrara, January 8, 2021 - "Un Sorriso inside al pianto", the first single that anticipates the new album by Ornella Vanoni, entitled "Unica" and expected on January 29th, is out today.

    What did Ornella Vanoni sing at Sanremo 2021?

    Francesco Gabbani Sanremo Festival 2021 - Ornella Vanoni and Francesco Gabbani with 'A smile inside tears' - Video - RaiPlay.

    How many children does Ornella Vanoni have?

    Cristiano Ardenzi Ornella Vanoni / Sons

    Who sings a smile inside the cry?

    Ornella Vanoni A smile inside the tears / Artists

    Who is the girl in Ornella Vanoni's video?

    Space then to the song with the singer-songwriter class '75 Fabio Ilacqua "My part", and finally, the couple you do not expect, the one with Virginia Raffaele, presenter, television personality and above all phenomenal imitator, who makes the imitation of Ornella Vanoni one of his flagship horses.

    Where was the video of a smile within crying filmed?

    The song comes out accompanied by a video shot on the streets of Paris by Marta Bevacqua, photographer and videomaker among the most interesting names of the new generation, who has established herself internationally, resident in the French capital and also author of the cover shots of both 'album, both of the single.

    What did Vanoni say to Fiorello?

    The super guest Ornella Vanoni gives a show in Sanremo on the Ariston stage. Before performing, in fact, she sends a dig at Fiorello: «But your passion is singing? It's a music festival, everyone sings here. There are singers, you sing too, that's no good, who are we? ».

    How many years of Ornella Vanoni?

    87 years (September 22, 1934) Ornella Vanoni / Age

    Who wrote All the love I gave?

    Francesco Gabbani The song, which marks the new adventure of the Milanese singer with BMG, is written by Francesco Gabbani and Pacifico, already author for Vanoni three years ago in Sanremo.

    Who wrote the lyrics of Vanoni's song?

    Text "A smile inside the cry", single by Ornella Vanoni. Listen to the song, read the meaning and watch the official video. It is the artist's first unreleased song in eight years, taken from the album “Unica” and written with Francesco Gabbani and Pacifico.
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