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    Who is Marina Massironi's husband?

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    Who is Marina Massironi's husband?

    Who is Marina Massironi's husband?

    Giacomo Poretti He began his acting studies at the end of 1982, and about two years later he had his first theatrical writings. In the meantime, married to her colleague Giacomo Poretti, she undertook the cabaret business with him, creating a duo known as Hansel & Strüdel.

    Why did Marina leave Aldo Giovanni and Giacomo?

    The film was a great success, and this was followed by two more until 2000: "This is life", and "Ask me if I'm happy". Then, after this third film, Marina decides to leave the trio: not because of various discrepancies, but because she suddenly seems to be out of place with their kind of comedy.

    Who is Aldo di Aldo Giovanni's wife?

    Silvana Fallisis. 1996 Aldo Baglio / wife Silvana Fallisi is now 56 years old and is of the zodical sign Sagittarius. Wife of Aldo (of the comic trio Aldo, Giovanni and Giacomo), Silvana Fallisi is a theatrical actress known above all for having taken part in the shows ("Anplagghed", "Ammutta muddica") and in the films of the famous trio.

    Who is the wife of Giovanni di Aldo Giovanni e Giacomo?

    Annita Casolo Giovanni Storti / Wife He is married to Annita Casolo, with whom he had two daughters, Clara and Mara, who appeared with their father on the big screen on two occasions: the first in the film Ask me if I'm happy, the second in the film Il cosmo sul dresser in which in the episode Milano Beach they play the part of Giovanni's daughters.

    How were Aldo Giovanni and Giacomo born?

    Giovanni Storti was born in Milan on February 20, 1957, and met Aldo Baglio little more than a teenager. Giacomo Poretti was born on April 26, 1956 in Villa Cortese, in the province of Milan, into a family of workers.
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