Who is Harry Potter actor?

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Who is Harry Potter actor?

Who is Harry Potter actor?

Daniel Jacob Radcliffe Daniel Jacob Radcliffe (IPA: [ˈdænjəl ˈʤeɪkəb ˈrædklɪf]; London, July 23, 1989) is a British actor, best known for playing Harry Potter in the series of films of the same name distributed by Warner Bros. and based on the novels of JK Rowling .

Where does Harry Potter live today?

He currently lives in London. He has two children, Tom and Will, with his partner Philippa Hart, whom he met on the set of Gosford Park.

How old is Harry Potter in real life?

Rowling. The writer has indicated the precise date of birth: July 31 (the same day she was born) of 1980. It means that if he were a real person Harry would be 40 years old today (and his creator 55) and millions fans from all over the world are celebrating it on social media.

What does the Harry Potter actor do now?

Daniel Radcliffe Daniel Radcliffe - He plays the protagonist Harry Potter. His film career continued with various projects, from 2012 horror The Woman in Black to the role of villain in Now You See Me 2. He also worked in theater and in 2019 on the film Guns Akimbo distributed by Amazon Prime.

Where was the Harry Potter actor born?

London, UK Queen Charlotte's and Chelsea Hospital Daniel Radcliffe / Birthplace

How old is Harry Potter?

Age 32 (July 23, 1989) Daniel Radcliffe / Age

Where is Daniel Radcliffe's house located?

Sherbrooke Road Almost 2 million euros to win the childhood home of Daniel Radcliffe, interpreter of the famous Harry Potter, wizard protagonist of the homonymous series of fantasy novels conceived by the writer JK Rowling. The house is located on Sherbrooke Road, London.

What happened to Daniel Radcliffe?

British actor Daniel Radcliffe is now 31 years old. After the end of the saga (the last film was released in theaters in 2011), the actor obviously found himself in the need to shake off the figure of the wizard Harry. The difficulty and uncertainty of the future were such that Daniel Radcliffe fell into alcoholism.

When and where was Daniel Radcliffe born?

BIOGRAPHY OF DANIEL RADCLIFFE Daniel Radcliffe was born in London on July 23, 1989 from a literary agent with a background as an actor and a casting agent.

When was the Harry Potter actor born?

July 23, 1989 (age 32) Daniel Radcliffe / Date of birth

What is Harry Potter's real name?

Harry James Potter Harry James Potter is the protagonist of the Harry Potter literary series, written by JK Rowling. He also appears in the same role in the film series based on books and derivative works.

How old is Dumbledore?

According to Rowling, Dumbledore is about 150 years old, although she claimed on her website that he was born in 1881, thus dying at the age of 115; the same information is also reported on the Pottermore website.

What house is Daniel Radcliffe?

There is no question for me, maybe I am biased because I have played a Gryffindor for so long, but I could never see myself in different colors, ”Radcliffe wrote. It therefore seems that for the leading actor of the saga there is no doubt, he is proudly Gryffindor.
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