Who is Davide Donadei's choice?

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Who is Davide Donadei's choice?

Who is Davide Donadei's choice?

Davide Donadei's choice of Men and Women is Chiara Rabbi, the video of the yes During the episode of Men and Women, broadcast on Wednesday 10 February, spectators will witness the choice of Davide Donadei. The Salento tronista will decide with whom to undertake a relationship between Chiara Rabbi and Beatrice Buonocore.

Who has chosen David of Men and Women today?

ROME - In today's episode of the talk of sentiments "Men and Women", the tronist Davide Donadei, 25, from Parabita, in the province of Lecce, has chosen Chiara Rabbi, 24, from Rome, as a life partner.

When will Davide Donadei be chosen?

December 27 According to the rumors launched by the Menedonneclassicoeover page, the recordings of Davide's choice will take place this week, most likely on December 27th since it is one of the few days free from the Christmas holidays.

Where was Chiara of Men and Women born?

Who is Chiara Rabbi? But let's try to understand who is the newcomer to the Classical throne of Men and Women at the court of Davide Donadei, that is Chiara Rabbi. She first of all she is 24 years old and was born in the province of Rome.

What work does chiara moan do?

Chiara Rabbi: Work The suitor of Men and Women is a girl who is never idle: she also works occasionally in a bar in the town. Not just work. Chiara is enrolled at the University with a Social Service specialization and she wishes to become a criminologist.

What does Chiara study about men and women?

Chiara, 23, lives in Sacrofano and within a few exams she will obtain a degree in Social Work. She currently works with her father in the family business.

Where does Chiara live?

Today Chiara lives in Sacrofano, a town not far from Rome, with her father. Her parents, in fact, are separated and she has no relationship with her mother. She also has a younger brother to whom she is very attached and whom she followed closely as she grew up.

How old is Chiara of Men and Women?

First of all, she is 24 years old and was born in the province of Rome.

Who is part of the editorial staff of Men and Women?

Men and women
RegiaLaura Basile, Paolo Carcano
AuthorsMaria De Filippi, Alberto Silvestri, Raffaella Mennoia, Claudio Leotta, Rudy Zerbi
MusicAgostino Penna (2002-2020) Franco Serafini (2020-ongoing)
scenographyMario Catalano
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