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    Who are the Trojan heroes of the Iliad?

    Who are the Trojan heroes of the Iliad?

    Who are the Trojan heroes of the Iliad?

    The main characters of the poem are the heroes of both camps: Achilles, Agamemnon, Ajax Telamonius, Diomedes, Menelaus, Patroclo, Odysseus for the Greeks; Hector, Paris, Priam, Aeneas for the Trojans.

    Who is the main hero of the Iliad?

    Achille Achilles Hero of Greek mythology, son of Peleus and the Nereid Tethys. He is the main hero of the Iliad and one of the most famous characters in the ancient world.

    What were the Greek heroes?

    The heroes were particularly strong characters or endowed with singular characteristics that allowed them to carry out great deeds against monstrous beings or to remedy some injustice. Among the most famous heroes in ancient Greece were Heracles, Theseus, Jason, Perseus and Prometheus.

    What do the heroes of the Iliad embody?

    They have some values ​​that anyone should have: they are courageous, fearless, defenders of the good and of the homeland. One of the main values ​​of the heroes is aretè: military valor, physical and mental strength.

    How was the Iliad originally written?

    The Iliad is made up of about 16.000 hexameters divided into 24 books. The hexameter is the Greek verse of the epic; it is very musical and evokes the rhythm of the oral songs from which the Iliad, as well as the Odyssey, originated.

    How does the Iliad poem conclude?

    Canto XXIII: Achilles mutilates Hector's body and kills some Trojan prisoners on Patroclus' pyre, which is then burned. Twelve days of mourning follow in which the Greeks compete in funeral games. ... The Iliad ends with the funeral for Hector.
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