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    Who are Ladislao di Forum's parents?

    Who are Ladislao di Forum's parents?

    Who are Ladislao di Forum's parents?

    Biography and work of Ladislao Liverani The young man is the nephew of the famous prince Carlo Odescalchi. As a child he dreams of becoming a very famous actor and working in the entertainment world surrounded by cameras and fans.

    Who is Lao from Forum?

    Ladislao Liverani, actor by profession, born in 1991, we have known him for some time because he joined the cast of Forum. In fact, he is one of Barbara Palombelli's assistants in the very successful Canale 5 television program, which despite the years retains its share intact.

    Who is the Sofia of Forum?

    Twenty-eight, he is an assistant in the historic Forum television court. She of noble origins, she descendant of a Roman aristocratic family, perhaps not everyone knows that she is a princess. She has been passionate about art, entertainment and fashion since she was a child, she studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Milan.

    Who is the valley of Forum?

    Who is Edoardo Donnamaria He was born in Rome in 1994 and is therefore 26 years old. He became known to the general public at the age of 23, when he landed on Mediaset's flagship morning show, Forum. Among his colleagues he has Camilla Ghini, Sofia Odescalchi and Paolo Ciavarro, with whom he is very close.
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