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    Who are Carla Gravina's children?

    Who are Carla Gravina's children?

    Who are Carla Gravina's children?

    Giovanna Gravina Carla Gravina / Children

    Who is Maria Cristina Piccarolo?

    If it's not Carla Gravina, then who is Vanessa Gravina's mother? The actress of “Il Paradiso delle Signore” and former actor Edoardo Siravo, is not a child of art. ... Vanessa's mother is called Maria Cristina Piccarolo, completely foreign to the world of entertainment, and she gave birth to the actress on January 4, 1974.

    What work does Domenico Pimpinella do?

    Who is Domenico Pimpinella Man by profession He is a manager, but it seems that in a very short time he has also become the new general manager of the Enpam Foundation. He would take the place of Ernesto Del Sordo who continued to work with the actress anyway. Domenico graduated in Law from LUISS.

    Who are Gian Maria Volonté's children?

    Giovanna Gravina Gian Maria Volonté/Children

    Who is the son of Gian Maria Volonté?

    Mario Volonté Gian Maria Volonté/Fathers

    Who is Vanessa's husband?

    Rossano Laurini Age, career and curiosity Rossano Laurini, born in 1970, is a Tuscan entrepreneur, companion of Vanessa Incontrada. About him characteristics of him and some personal facts not much is known, because he is a very reserved man and is not very much part of the world of gossip.
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