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    Which sticks for glo?

    Which sticks for glo?

    Which sticks for glo?

    glo ™ is only compatible with neo ™ sticks. The use of sticks other than neo ™ sticks may compromise the functionality of the device and void its warranty.

    What does the glo cigarette taste like?

    The taste proposals for glo ™ hyper Scarlet Click is a fruity flavor of medium intensity based on red fruits, while Tropic Click is a citrus. Red click, on the other hand, turns to sweeter aromas.

    Where can you buy the glo cigarette?

    You can buy sticks for your glo ™ hyper + smokeless device directly at the tobacconist's, use the store locator to locate the dealer closest to you.

    How to smoke neo cigarettes?

    To work, the cigarette needs filters with tobacco. The Neo sticks are inserted into the appropriate slot and by pressing the button the device heats the filter bringing the tobacco to a high temperature (240 ° against the 900 ° of the classic) after which you can inhale and smoke normally.

    How to reset the Glo cigarette?

    Use can be interrupted at any time by holding down the glo ™ tobacco heater button for 3 seconds.

    Who makes Glo?

    What is glo ™? An innovative and easy-to-use device that heats specially created real tobacco sticks, the neo ™ sticks. glo ™ hyper + is the latest model launched and benefits from the most advanced technology developed by British American Tobacco to date.

    How to smoke Glo?

    glo ™
    1. Insert the tobacco stick up to the colored line.
    2. Press and hold the button until you feel a slight vibration (for glo ™ hyper wait 3 seconds for Standard mode, 5 for Boost mode. ...
    3. Wait for the next vibration which indicates that the tobacco has been heated.

    Thing contains a Glo?

    In fact, the vapor produced generates a natural tobacco taste similar to that of a cigarette, but contains from 90% to 95% less toxic substances. ... Glo does not smell, because it emits tobacco vapor and no smoke, and it does not produce ash.

    How long does a Glo stick last?

    2 hours The average duration of glo ™ hyper + A complete recharge of glo ™ hyper + takes 1-2 hours and guarantees you can use up to 20 consecutive sticks, and thanks to the LED indicator positioned on the device it is possible to check the status at any time charging.
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