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    Which snake bit Cleopatra?

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    Which snake bit Cleopatra?

    Which snake bit Cleopatra?

    According to tradition, the famous Cleopatra's asp, by which she let herself be bitten to commit suicide, was really a hypnal. The detailed description given by Plutarch of the effects of her poison is in agreement with what was reported in medieval times by bestiaries.

    What are the main events of Cleopatra?

    Caesar creates Cleopatra and Ptolemy XIV common monarchs, including Cyprus. Caesar leaves Alexandria and Caesar (Ptolemy Caesar), the son of Caesar and Cleopatra was born on 23 June. 44: Cleopatra goes to Rome and Caesar is assassinated March 15th. Cleopatra returns to Alexandria when Octavian arrives and has Ptolemy XIV eliminated.

    How did Cleopatra's death happen?

    After the suicide of Antonio, who took his own life with honor in order not to be a prisoner of Octavian, Cleopatra locked herself in her palace, in the mausoleum of the Ptolemies, and knowing that her fate was now sealed, according to the classic version left by Plutarch killed himself by being bitten by a snake, a ...
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