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    Which cooked fruit is laxative?

    Which cooked fruit is laxative?

    Which cooked fruit is laxative?

    Cooked fruit has a particularly high concentration of fibers, which the cooking process makes even more effective in helping intestinal transit. Cooked pears are a concentrate of fibers and have strong laxative and rehydrating qualities that help to counteract constipation.

    How to unload naturally?

    10 natural remedies for constipation
    1. Don't put off the urge to defecate.
    2. Avoid straining to defecate.
    3. Use a booster seat to rest your feet on during sessions.
    4. Practice regular physical activity.
    5. Eat some natural laxative foods that are high in fiber, such as prunes.

    Which fruit is good for the gut?

    Apple, carrot and chicory: certainly tasty foods, but above all rich in soluble fiber useful for protecting the intestinal mucosa from possible irritants.

    How to go to the body home remedies?

    Oil and water: drinking a lot of water and taking 3/4 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil helps the stool to remain soft even in the event of a long intestinal transit, favoring natural evacuation. Physical activity: keeping fit through sport promotes intestinal motility.

    What are good for the intestine?

    Fennel: they are rich in fiber and have digestive, antispasmodic properties; they help to get rid of meteorism and aerophagia, to fight diarrhea, colic and intestinal cramps. Kiwi: favor and increase intestinal transit, useful in case of constipation.
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