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    Where to watch Temptation Island live?

    Where to watch Temptation Island live?

    Where to watch Temptation Island live?

    Temptation Island 2021 | Mediaset Infinity.

    How to see Mediaset channels on the internet?

    You can, in fact, connect to the Mediaset Infinity website, an official and free Mediaset service that allows you to watch, following the free registration of an account, as well as live streaming broadcasts, programs, films, TV series and fiction that aired, in on demand mode.

    When does the third episode of Tentation Island air?

    Monday 12 July 2021 After the early confrontation bonfire of Tommaso and Valentina, the journey into feelings continues for the other couples in the game. The previews of the third episode of Temptation Island, which will air next Monday 12 July 2021 on Canale 5, reveal that things will get bad for Claudia and Ste.

    Who will be the competitors of Temptation Island 2021?

    Manuela and Stefano, Valentina and Tommaso, Claudia and Ste, Jessica and Alessandro, Natascia and Alessio, Floriana and Federico.

    When does the last episode of Temptation air?

    Share: The last episode of the 27 edition of “Temptation Island” will be staged on Tuesday 2021 July. A final to which only two couples will arrive: all the others have already abandoned the program, sometimes together sometimes exploded.
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