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    Where to see X Factor 2021 Tv8?

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    Where to see X Factor 2021 Tv8?

    Where to see X Factor 2021 Tv8?

    XFactor 2021: where to see it with the new Tv8 The first episode of XFactor will be broadcast on Thursday 16 September at 21.15 pm on Sky Uno (channel 108, digital terrestrial channel 455), always available on demand, visible on Sky Go and streaming on NOW.

    How to review X Factor 2020?

    NOW TV. The best solution to stream X-Factor for non-Sky subscribers is NOW TV. By activating the Cinema and Entertainment package, which costs € 3 for the first month and then € 14,99 / month, it is possible to see all of Sky's cinema and entertainment, including X-Factor.

    How to see X Factor from the phone?

    Those who have a Sky television subscription can use the SkyGo app for free and then watch X-Factor streaming on a computer or mobile device. SkyGo is the service that allows you to watch live what is broadcast on Sky channels, but also to review episodes, TV series and films.
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