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    Where to see the episodes of the Police District?

    Where to see the episodes of the Police District?

    Where to see the episodes of the Police District?

    Police District | Mediaset Infinity.

    How to watch Police District streaming?

    From the arrival of Commissioner Giovanna Scalise (Isabella Ferrari) from Sicily to Rome for security reasons, to the investigations led by Commissioner Leonardo Brandi (played by Andrea Renzi), the eleven seasons of the Police District are available in full on the mediasetplay website.

    How does District 2 police end?

    Second season - Vito Tonnara's revenge The mafia family of the Tonnara after the Maxi Trial has been completely dismantled. ... Giovanna gives birth, after which she tells everyone that she will leave the district to take a long leave to be with her family, thus returning to Palermo.

    When does Angela die in the Police District?

    The death. On the morning of June 17, 2001, while she is at the pediatrician with her daughter, Angela is called by Mauro who is at the home of Professor Monti. The man has in fact climbed onto a cornice of the building and threatens to commit suicide if he does not speak to Dr. Rivalta.

    How does Mauro die in the Police District?

    Mauro, after being hit by a barrage of machine guns, is taken to the hospital but dies during the operation.

    What films are there on Canale 5?

    • It was the hand of God.
    • Parallel Mothers.
    • Latin America.
    • Anne's choice - L'Événement.
    • Annette.
    • Matrix Resurrections.
    • Last night in Soho.

    Who kills Mauro Belli?

    Carrano Throughout the story, Mauro Belli, who has always been Roberto's best friend, is shot in a shootout with Carrano's men, committed to freeing the Mafia boss's son. After hospitalization, Mauro Belli is declared dead.
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