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    Where to have an aperitif on Lake Como?

    Where to have an aperitif on Lake Como?

    Where to have an aperitif on Lake Como?

    Aperitif on Lake Como
    • 1 # Lo Scalo (in Cremia)
    • 2 # Da Luciano - Bottega Caffè (in Laglio)
    • 3 # Millesimo (in Carate Urio)
    • 4 # Kiosk of the Malagufi (or Lido di Ossuccio)
    • 5# Aqua Dulza (a Tremezzo)
    • 6 # Nené (in San Giovanni di Bellagio)
    • 7 # Porto Diciotto (in Pianello)
    • 8 # Evening walk in Como with aperitif in the farmhouse.

    Where to drink on Lake Como?

    Lake Como: the 10 best aperitifs with breathtaking views
    • Terrace 241 - Como. The exclusive rooftop bar of Hilton Lake Como. ...
    • Millesimo Wine Bar - Carate Urio. On the romantic banks of the Lario, here is another place that is worth a visit. ...
    • Bar Terrazza Darsena - Bellagio.

    Where to go in Lecco in the evening?

    Lecco: what to see, where to eat and what to do in the evening
    • Visconti Bridge.
    • Basilica of San Nicolò
    • Belgiojoso palace.
    • Lakeside.
    • Shrine of Our Lady of Victory.
    • Villa Manzoni.
    • The winches.
    • Castle of the Borgo.

    What to do at Lake Lecco?

    10 things to see in Lecco
    • lakefront of Lecco.
    • bell tower of the basilica of San Nicolò
    • Palace of Fears and Mountaineering Observatory.
    • Shrine of Our Lady of Victory.
    • Villa Manzoni and Manzonian Museum.
    • Belgiojoso palace.
    • Pescarenico.
    • cycle path of the Garlate and Olginate lakes.

    How to make marinated whitefish?

    White onion in carpaccio recipe: Finely slice a white onion and a white onion and place it in a container with high sides together with your fillets. Salt, pepper and cover with oil, wine and vinegar. The marinade must completely cover the fish and onions.

    How do you fish for whitefish?

    You can use the same type of fishing that you use from the shore, or you can do a special type of fishing, with the following material. The main line is attached to the lead and at a distance of about 40cm from the lead, the first larva will be mounted and the other two larvae will be mounted at a distance of 30 cm.

    What fish is Missultin?

    missoltini The missoltini (in Como and Lecco dialect missultìtt or missultén) ​​are a culinary specialty typical of the Como cuisine, particularly recognized in the Como area, which consists of dried fish from Lake Como ....
    Categorysecond dish
    SectorPreparation of fish

    Which are the most beautiful towns on Lake Como?

    Ideas for the weekend, the magnificent 7 villages of Lake Como
    1. 1 - Village of Cavagnola (Lezzeno) ...
    2. 2 - Village of Soldino (Laglio) ...
    3. 3 - Village of Sormazzana (Lezzeno) ...
    4. 4 - Borgo di Brienno. ...
    5. 5 - Borgo di Pognana. ...
    6. 6 - Village of Rogaro (Tremezzina) ...
    7. 7 - Corenno Plinius (Dervius)
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