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    Where to find db code?

    Where to find db code?

    Where to find db code?

    To view and / or modify the e-Code DB code, access the My Cards DB site, in the Manage Card> DB e-Code section.

    How to download Deutsche Bank movement list?

    Furthermore, by downloading the DB My Cards App and registering with the same credentials you use on the site, you can view and download your movement lists even from your smartphone. If you have any doubts, you can contact the Customer Assistance service dedicated to your Credit Card.

    How to apply for a Deutsche Bank credit card?

    To request the DB Classic Visa card, simply download the form which is available online on the Deutche Bank portal, fill it in, sign it and present it, attaching a copy of a valid identity document and income statement, at any branch. of the bank.

    What is db code?

    a specific personal code for online purchases, defined DB e-Code, to be entered in addition to the OTP at the confirmation of the single purchase. the DB Le Mie Carte App that allows you to approve online payments in a simpler and faster way with biometric recognition (fingerprint or facial recognition) * ...

    Where can I find the Deutsche Bank credit card pin?

    directly from the Reserved Area of ​​the "DB LE MIE CARTE" portal, by clicking on the "Reprint PIN code" service. The PIN will be delivered within a few days to the Holder's residence address. Also in this case the PIN will be delivered within a few days to the residence address of the Owner.

    How to see Deutsche Bank credit card transactions?

    1. By sending an SMS to the number 486.000.5 entering in the order: Activate (in lower case or upper case) Cardholder Code (found in the Movement List) Last three digits found on the front of the card. ...
    2. By registering in the Reserved Area of ​​the "DB LE MIE CARTE" portal and activating the service directly online.

    How to register with Deutsche Bank?

    Log in to online banking with your credentials. You will see the "I have received the hard token" screen where you will have to click on the "Activate" button. You will receive an email from Deutsche Bank containing the instructions to continue. In the email there is a QR code to be scanned to proceed with the first activation phase.

    A cosa serve DB Secure Authenticator?

    The DB Secure Authenticator app will recognize the QR code and show the information of your operation (for example amount and beneficiary). You can then carefully check this information, and then safely authorize it, with a code generated for you by the app for the single transaction.

    How do you delete the Deutsche Bank token?

    If you can no longer deactivate the Token in the DB Secure Authenticator app installed on your old device, call our Customer Service on 02 6995 to request remote Token dissociation.

    How to pay online with Deutsche Bank?

    If you have an account with Deutsche Bank and have activated My Bank, you can connect to your Home Banking, choose the item "Credit & Cards" then, from the left menu, click on "Payment cards" and finally "Online purchase code". Proceed to authenticate and finally change your mobile number.
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