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    Where to find Carige recovery code?

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    Where to find Carige recovery code?

    Where to find Carige recovery code?

    Usually the "customer code" is assigned automatically by the system, and will be printed on the contract, viewed by Carige and sent back. Once the signed copy has been received, a Carige consultant calls the customer back, who only then receives a password to access online banking.

    What is the denomination for a wire transfer?

    So here's what to write in the recipient of a bank transfer: you must report his name and surname as it appears in the municipal registry (therefore first the name and then the surname, unless otherwise indicated by the bank). It is therefore not possible to add nicknames, nicknames or bulleted letters.

    How to join Carige online?

    CARIGE ONLINE Carige On Line cares about safety, the level of which complies with European regulations. In fact, for each access it is necessary to use an OTP (one time password, code that can be used only once) sent by SMS to your phone. Alternatively, you can enter with the Carige Pass token app.
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