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    Where to find bank agency number?

    Where to find bank agency number?

    Where to find bank agency number?

    The CAB code, Banking Code, consists of five digits, and identifies the agency or branch of the bank. It is located immediately after the ABI, from the twelfth to the sixteenth character of the IBAN, and is made up of numbers only.

    Where to withdraw with the Mooney card?

    Where can I withdraw? You can withdraw at all ATMs / Bancomats affiliated with Visa. Withdrawals from Intesa Sanpaolo counters will be free throughout 2021. 16.

    How to find the agency from the IBAN?

    In the 27 digits of an IBAN there are its numerical series, from the sixth to the tenth digit and from the eleventh to the fifteenth digit, which represent the way to find the bank (the number of the agency / branch and its address).

    What does bank agency mean?

    The CAB code (Banking Code) is a number consisting of five digits and represents the agency or specific branch of the credit institution identified by the ABI code. With the combination ABI and CAB, therefore, it is already possible to easily identify the bank (the specific local office) where the current account resides.

    How to get Mooney card pins?

    The Customer can request the PIN to be sent again via SMS using a specific function within the Mooney App.

    How Much Can You Withdraw with the Mooney Card?

    Join the Mooney network of points of sale All debit cards issued by the Intesa Sanpaolo Group and enabled for the Maestro, Mastercard, Visa and Visa Electron circuits are accepted. It is possible to withdraw from a minimum daily limit of 25,00 euros to a maximum of 250,00 euros per tax code.
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