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    Where is Stefano Casiraghi buried?

    Where is Stefano Casiraghi buried?

    Where is Stefano Casiraghi buried?

    Chapelle de la Paix, Monk Stefano Casiraghi / Burial place

    How old is Carolina Casiraghi?

    64 years old (January 23, 1957) Caroline of Monaco / Age

    How old was Stefano Casiraghi?

    30 years (1960–1990) Stefano Casiraghi / Age at the time of death

    Who married Pierre Casiraghi?

    Beatrice Borromeos. 2015 Pierre Casiraghi / Spouse The wedding of Beatrice and Pierre on Lake Maggiore. Lake Maggiore at the center of the noble jet-set, once again thanks to a princely wedding. Princely not only because it is 'fairytale', but because the groom is Prince Pierre Casiraghi of Monaco and the bride is Countess Beatrice Borromeo.

    Who is Andrea Casiraghi's wife?

    Tatiana Santo Domingos. 2013 Andrea Casiraghi / Wife

    How did Carolina di Monaco and Stefano Casiraghi meet?

    The first meeting between Stefano Casiraghi and Carolina di Monaco takes place in the summer of 1983 between Sardinia and Corsica, on the boat of their mutual friend Francesco Caltagirone: she is still crying mother Grace who died on September 14, 1982 in a car accident and he seems willing to give her back her smile and make her ...

    Who is Carolina Casiraghi's father?

    Rainier III of Monaco Carolina of Monaco / Fathers

    Who killed Casiraghi?

    October 3, 1990 Stefano Casiraghi / Date of death

    How did Caroline of Monaco's husband Casiraghi die?

    He died on 3 October 1990 following an accident during the offshore world championships in Montecarlo, while he was off Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, piloting the Pinot di Pinot catamaran in a team with Patrice Innocenti. The boat overturned and Casiraghi died from the impact with the water.
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