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    Where is iPhone NFC Reader located?

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    Where is iPhone NFC Reader located?

    Where is iPhone NFC Reader located?

    NFC and Iphone tags: The reader. The NFC reader inside your Apple smartphone is positioned in the upper part of the phone moved slightly to the left.

    How can I see if NFC works?

    Checking NFC Support Natively To check if your phone has NFC capabilities, do the following: Go to Settings. Under "Wireless & networks", tap "More". Here, you will see an option for NFC, if your phone supports it.

    How to add the NFC chip to the smartphone?

    How to activate NFC on your Android device
    1. Open your mobile device settings.
    2. Go to the "Connections" or "Other Connections" option and locate the NFC option.
    3. Flip the switch to the right to access your setup, some come with the basics, but that's more than enough.

    Where is the NFC reader located?

    If both devices have active NFC technology, they can then enter into communication simply by bringing them closer; in smartphones, the NFC chip is often positioned in the back (under the camera), so just bring this part of the smartphone closer to let the communication take place.
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