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    Where is expired hydrogen peroxide thrown away?

    Where is expired hydrogen peroxide thrown away?

    Where is expired hydrogen peroxide thrown away?

    Hydrogen peroxide: Never throw hydrogen peroxide in the sink: it must be disposed of in the special containers present at the ecological islands.

    What does it mean when hydrogen peroxide foams?

    The bubbles are formed by the chemical reaction catalyzed by the enzyme catalase which breaks down the composition of the preparation releasing oxygen. This reaction leads to the detachment of the necrotized tissue.

    How long does open hydrogen peroxide last?

    Once opened, the hydrogen peroxide evaporates and turns into simple water within eight weeks, but even a closed bottle cannot be stored indefinitely: a year at the most and must be thrown away.

    Why do we use hydrogen peroxide to disinfect wounds what happens to the wound?

    As a disinfectant, it is used diluted to 3% or 6% in water. As soon as it comes into contact with a wound, it reacts immediately by releasing oxygen, and eliminating any microorganisms it encounters that could carry an infection.

    What do you put on your wounds?

    hydrogen peroxide: cleanses and removes dead tissues with its typical effervescence (excellent for children's abrasions). Polyvinylpyrrolidone iodine: on intact skin or small lesions, it has a broad spectrum efficacy. Sodium hypochlorite solutions: dissolve necrotic tissue and control odors.
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