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    Where does Villa Briatore have?

    Where does Villa Briatore have?

    Where does Villa Briatore have?

    Flavio Briatore's villa in Sardinia is located in Porto Cervo, where the first Billionaire was born. The villa of the well-known entrepreneur is characterized by a modern and luxurious style. The predominant colors of the house are black and white, two decidedly modern and timeless colors.

    Where does Elisabetta Gregoraci live in Montecarlo?

    The large Gregoraci apartment where she lives with her son Nathan Falco, born in 2010 from the relationship with Briatore, is located within the Le Zodiaque area, a huge and spectacular area just a few steps from the sea.

    How much does it cost to live in Montecarlo?

    Living in Munich is expensive but, as there are no taxes, it is roughly the same cost as living in the Chelsea neighborhood of London, for example. As for rents, the costs are very high, expect to pay at least € 2.000 / € 3.000 per month for a studio apartment and € 5.000 / 6.000 for an apartment.

    How many children to Flavio Briatore?

    Leni Klum Nathan Falco Briatore Flavio Briatore / Sons

    How many times has Flavio Briatore been married?

    Elizabeth Gregoracis. 2008–2017 Marcy Schlobohms. 1983–1987 Flavio Briatore / Spouse
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