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    Where can you swim in Lake Viverone?

    Where can you swim in Lake Viverone?

    Where can you swim in Lake Viverone?

    Lake Viverone, in Piedmont, is a marvelous body of water of glacial origin with several equipped beaches and the possibility of renting pedal boats and boats. Among the most beautiful public beaches, that of Anzasco with green lawn and picnic areas.

    What to see around Lake Viverone?

    Viverone lake: what to see in the surroundings
    • The Castle of Roppolo. On the hills of Lake Viverone stands this beautiful and particular Castle. ...
    • The Masino Castle. ...
    • The Castle of Agliè ...
    • The Forte di Bard. ...
    • The Sirio Lake. ...
    • Visit to the cities of Ivrea and Biella.

    How long is Lake Viverone?

    3,5 km Lake of Viverone / Length

    What do you fish at Lake Viverone?

    In addition, the fish that can be found in Lake Viverone are carp, tench, pike, many rudd, black bass, catfish, real perch and sun.

    What do you need to fish on Lake Maggiore?

    In order to fish on Lake Maggiore, from the shore, it is necessary to pay: - 6 € for the FIPSAS card for young people born in 2006 and following. Here is the postal bulletin; - € 30 for the FIPSAS card valid for 3 MONTHS for adults.

    How was Lake Viverone formed?

    5,8 km² Viverone Lake / Area
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