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    When was Lazio in Serie B?

    When was Lazio in Serie B?

    When was Lazio in Serie B?

    1986-1987 - 16th in Serie B.

    Why are Lazio risking Serie B?

    Lazio are essentially accused of hiding the (alleged) positivity to Covid of at least one player, allowing him not only to train with the others, but to play in the league or sit on the bench.

    How many Serie B championships has Lazio won?

    Serie A UEFA Champions League Lazio Sports Club / Championships

    What is Lazio at risk for the Salernitana case?

    The threat to Lazio The Code is very clear: "In the event of non-compliance with the deadline", article 31 states, "the clubs concerned will incur the sanction of exclusion from the relevant championship". The companies: both.

    What risks Salernitana?

    Salernitana risks exclusion from the Serie A championship and the reason is known: the ownership is attributable to that of Lazio. At the center of the dispute, a person: Lotito, president of the Roman club and linked to the Campania club whose shares are divided between his son Enrico and his brother-in-law Mezzaroma.

    What risks Lotito?

    Lazio, Lotito risks his place in the federal council In the hall of honor of the Coni the appeals of the biancoceleste patron will be discussed against the 12-month inhibition, of Lazio for the fine of 200 thousand euros, and of the Lazio doctors Fabio Rodia and Ivo Pulcini inhibited for one year.

    What happens if Lotito fails to sell Salernitana?

    If by that date Lotito has not sold Salernitana, the FIGC can deny the club's registration in Serie A. According to a federal interpretation, the Campania club would not be recognized the sports rights acquired on the field, remaining the property of Lotito, but in Serie B and no longer in Serie A.

    Who takes the place of Salernitana?

    WHO IN PLACE OF SALERNITANA? In the first case, that - rather unlikely - of non-registration of the club, Benevento would take the place of Salernitana, third from bottom in the standings in the last Serie A championship.
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