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    When the Legnanesi on Rete 4?

    When the Legnanesi on Rete 4?

    When the Legnanesi on Rete 4?

    The Legnanesi are back on Rete 4 from 9 July - Promo | Mediaset Infinity.

    When are the Legnanesi on TV?

    Four prime-time events on Rete 4 every Thursday from 9 July with the Colombo family.

    Where to see the Legnanesi on TV?

    The Legnanesi | Mediaset Infinity.

    Who are the characters of the Legnanesi?

    • Antonio Provasio. “La Teresa” "LA TERESA" La Teresa is the typical courtyard woman, with a strong and dominant character, at times a little shrewish and severe but she has such a big heart ... ...
    • Enrico Dalceri. “La Mabilia” "LA MABILIA" ...
    • Lorenzo Cordara. "Il Giovanni" "IL GIOVANNI"

    Who is the new Giuan dei Legnanesi?

    After the farewell of the historic interpreter Luigi Campisi, who had been in his role for more than 40 years, the popular Giuan will be played by Lorenzo Cordara, as revealed by the billboard of the show staged this season, “We just have to laugh”.

    Who is the new Giovanni dei Legnanesi?

    The fact is that in October 2019 Lorenzo Cordara, 42-year-old actor from Abbiategrasso, made his debut in place of Campisi. The uncomfortable and large clothes of Giovanni Cordara he wore them to the theater on November 6 last year with his debut on the stage of Cassano Magnago with the show "We just have to laugh".

    How old is Teresa dei Legnanesi?

    Teresa Colombo is a theatrical character created by Felice Musazzi as the protagonist of the theatrical magazines of the dialect company "I Legnanesi" .... Teresa (I Legnanesi)
    Played byFelice Musazzi (1949-1989) Antonio Provasio (1999-present)
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