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    When is the term your lordship used?

    When is the term your lordship used?

    When is the term your lordship used?

    Traditionally, public offices address their interlocutors (citizens, users, but also other offices) in indirect forms (eg with the periphrase Your Signoria, in the plural Signorie Loro, abbreviated SV and SS.

    What does your lordship mean?

    Title of great honor and respect attributed in the late Middle Ages to high dignitaries, officials and magistrates and lords of absolutist states, then extended from the early sixteenth century, also by Spanish influence, to people of average condition: Your Lordship, His S., and, in plur., Yours, Their Lordships; face she, ...

    How do you write abbreviated to your Lordship?

    Also frequent are some honorific allocutive of Renaissance origin such as Your Lordship or, in the plural, the Lords (often abbreviated to SV, SS. LL.).

    What does SS VV mean?

    It depends: SV (= Your Lordship), if singular; SSVV (= Your Lordships), if plural.

    When is sv used?

    SV – Abbreviation of Your Signoria Vostra (and SVI, or SV, abbreviation of Your Illustrious Signoria), used in partic.

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    How to write the ß?

    What are these key combinations?
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    If you want to write the Eszet you can proceed by holding down the ALT key and at the same time typing 225 on the numeric keypad. Once the keys are released, the ß will appear, the symbol representing the double S in German.
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