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    When is Giulia di Amici's birthday?

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    When is Giulia di Amici's birthday?

    When is Giulia di Amici's birthday?

    June 20 Giulia Stabile biography: age and height Her birthday falls on June 20. She started dancing at a very young age, at the age of only three and she hasn't stopped since then, devoting herself to different styles. You studied ballet, to then take a more modern direction. She is also very strong in hip hop.

    What kind of dance does Giulia Stabile do?

    Here are all the prizes awarded. Giulia, class of 2002, was born in Rome and started dancing ballet at the age of 3, later she deepened her study of modern and joined the Nough Megacrew.

    What will Giulia di Amici do?

    Here's what last year's winner will do: dancer and more. Giulia Stabile is experiencing a very important and successful moment of her short but important career. The dancer, in fact, after winning Amici 21, had a summer of work, a lot, and love, just as much.
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