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    When is free shipping on SHEIN?

    When is free shipping on SHEIN?

    When is free shipping on SHEIN?

    What are SHEIN's shipping times and costs? Shipping time is 10-13 working days with standard shipping at a cost of € 4.49 (shipping is free for orders over € 19).

    How to get free products on SHEIN?

    Having said that, connect to the official SHEIN website and, in the Free trial center screen, locate the In progress section which lists all the clothing items that can be requested for free for the current week.

    How to enter discount codes on SHEIN?

    You must enter the discount code directly on the SHEIN website before finalizing your purchase. The box in which to enter the code is normally mentioned as a promotional code / discount code / coupon / voucher / discount coupon.

    How does shipping on Shein work?

    - Standard shipping: it is free for orders over 19 Euros and is about 20 days or even longer depending on the products and customs checks. - Express shipping: the goods should arrive in 7/10 days.

    How much do you pay for Shein's shipping?

    € 4,49 My purchases on Shein - my experience The delivery times they expect are from 12 to 15 working days for standard shipping. The cost is € 4,49 but you can get free shipping if you spend more than € 39,00.

    Why is SHEIN so cheap?

    Why is Shein so cheap? Shein is a legit store to shop in, but there's a good reason her clothes are so cheap. It may sound a bit contradictory, but local clothing lines that operate domestically often cost more than items shipped from overseas.

    How to pay on delivery on SHEIN?

    It is always possible to access the delivery costs via the “Shipping information” link on the Site or the App. These costs are also specified individually for the user's order during the payment procedure. The total cost of the order is the price of the products ordered and the delivery costs.

    How to know when Shein parcel arrives?

    on the "My orders" page, you can see all your orders placed and their status. Click on "Track my order" for more information. If your order has been shipped, you can click on "Track my order" to get updated information on the shipping status.

    How to see the shipment on Shein?

    Shein parcel tracking is easy with Ordertracker, all you need to do is paste your tracking number in the field above to track a parcel or go to the international tracking section. We provide you with the most powerful package tracking system for any post office.
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