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    When does the UniCredit 150 euro Bonus arrive?

    When does the UniCredit 150 euro Bonus arrive?

    When does the UniCredit 150 euro Bonus arrive?

    By opening your My Genius current account online from 1st October to 31st December 2020 you can receive a € 150 bonus. The initiative is reserved for new UniCredit customers, that is, who are not already holders of a UniCredit current account, buddybank, Genius Card, of the Multichannel Bank service and / or other UniCredit Group cards.

    How to get a 30 euro UniCredit bonus?

    The € 30 bonus will be credited to your current account or Genius Card within the deadline of 30/04/2021. We remind you that to receive the bonus you must have downloaded and activated the Mobile Banking App from 16.10.2020 to 31.12.2020.

    How to reset UniCredit fee?

    1. monthly account fee (€ 4) zeroed until a module is activated;
    2. SEPA transfers and free online accounts;
    3. the cost of issuing the MyOne VISA international Debit Card (€ 7) will not be charged.

    How to receive an Amazon Unicredit voucher?

    How to get the Amazon voucher with My Genius Very simple: just open your My Genius account by the 31st of the month, make a total payment of 500 euros by August 31st with the payment cards connected to the new account.

    Where can I find MPIN Unicredit?

    If you have lost your mpin, you can recover it from the Bank via the Internet: enter the Customer Area and go to "Settings> Security> New Mobile PIN" and click on "Create". Alternatively, you can contact your branch.

    How much does it cost to close a My Genius Unicredit account?

    The closure of a Unicredit bank account is free as per the Bersani decree of 2006, and can be done in 3 ways: in the branch, by registered mail, or by opening a new current account.

    How much does Unicredit home banking cost?

    Unicredit's internet banking functions are completely free as well as its app.

    When will the cashback be paid out?

    The cashback payment takes place within 60 days from the end of the period (for example, for the first semester, the cashback and supercashback will be paid by 29 August 2021). While for the Supercashback the prizes will arrive by November 30th of the 20th.

    When will the cashback arrive?

    Cashback refunds for the first half of 2021 are on the way. Starting on 12 August, the accreditations began to arrive after a few days. In any case, there will be time until August 31 to receive them. As for the special cashback, the times for repayments are extended to November 30, 2021.

    How to receive the Unicredit Friend Code?

    To receive the bonus you will need to:
    1. having had a positive available balance on the account or Genius Card from 20 to 20.
    2. have the Mobile Banking App active by 21.

    How to apply for the Unicredit bonus?

    To receive the 150 euro bonus with My Genius Unicredit account: what to do. To receive the € 150 bonus, a My Genius current account without active modules must be opened by 31 December 2020. It will then be necessary to activate the Unicredit mobile banking application by 31 March 2021.

    How is the Unicredit app activated?

    Do you want to download the Unicredit app for your mobile phone? If your operating system is Android go to the Google Play Store to download on your smartphone, while if you intend to download the application for tablets click here .... Unicredit App: what can you do with your smartphone?
    1. Facial recognition;
    2. Fingerprint;
    3. PINE.

    How to activate contactless Unicredit ATMs?

    1. Log in to the Mobile Banking App and choose the card to activate.
    2. Select the card to activate, click on “Activate the card” and enter the CVV code on the back.
    3. Confirm the operation with your fingerprint, facial recognition or Mobile Code.

    How to recover mobile code?

    If you no longer remember your Mobile Code, you can always reset it in complete autonomy directly from the Fineco app settings by accessing the item "Have you forgotten your Mobile Code?" present in the section dedicated to the service.

    How do you use the UniCredit mobile token?

    How do you use the Unicredit mobile token?
    1. Open your Mobile Token through the icon in the "Home" of the Mobile Banking App;
    2. Write your mPin and confirm;
    3. Select the operation for which you need a password and enter the numeric characters you see to confirm the operation.
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