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    When does the bathing season start?

    When does the bathing season start?

    When does the bathing season start?

    May 15 Beaches, May 15 begins the bathing season. Ordinance of the Rays: timetables, limits and rules between umbrellas and distances.

    When does the 2021 bathing season start?

    The Regional Council Resolution n. 738 of 24/05/2021 establishes that the bathing season, understood as the period of time in which checks are carried out to protect the health of bathers, is between 29 May and 30 September 2021.

    How long does the bathing season last?

    The bathing season is between 31st June and 15st October, the activity of the bathing establishments must start without delay by 30th June and end no earlier than XNUMXth September.

    Who determines the length of the bathing season?

    The frequency of checks must be at least monthly during the bathing season, the duration of which is established by the Regions, unless the (additional) checks are intensified in the event of an unfavorable outcome of the (ordinary) analyzes provided for in the calendar.

    When does the bathing season start in Puglia?

    In Puglia, which will pass into the yellow zone from Monday 10 May, the bathing season will be officially inaugurated on 15 May.

    When do the beaches close?

    the owners of the beaches attack the Region.

    When do bathing establishments open in Tuscany?

    Litorale, from May 1st, bathing establishments will open with the same rules as in 2020. Starting from next weekend, bathing establishments will also be able to reopen their establishments in Tuscany: the anti-Covid measures to be adopted will be the same as last summer.

    When do the beaches in Puglia open?

    From Monday 25 May they will be able to reopen: bathing establishments and free beaches, gyms, swimming pools, sports centers, museums, libraries, archives.

    When does the bathing season in Liguria end?

    Genoa - Liguria has approved the guidelines for the 2021 bathing season, which follow those of 2020. The new rules will come into force from tomorrow, May 1, until September 15, 2021.

    When does the Abruzzo bathing season end?

    The bathing season is between 18 March and 17 October 2021 (preparation / preparation of the beaches / heliotherapy), bathing guaranteed with rescue assistance service from 1 June to 5 September; "Winter sea" from 18 October.

    When do the beaches close in September?

    the owners of the beaches attack the Region.

    When do bathing establishments open in Tuscany 2021?

    Opening of the bathing establishments May 1st 2021.

    When do the umbrellas open?

    Bathing establishments, hypothesis reopening on May 15th. ... It was Scajola himself who announced the adoption of the same criteria for the departing bathing season. "For the summer of 2021 we will start from there - announced Scajola -.

    When do the bathrooms open in Romagna?

    This year's Emilia-Romagna bathing season will start from 29 May with the following rules. The 2021 bathing ordinance is about to be issued in Emilia-Romagna, which effectively establishes the start of the season on May 29, or simultaneously with the entry into service of the lifeguards.

    When does the summer season in Romagna end?

    Rimini is synonymous with beach holidays, relaxation on the beach, and places to stay up late at night. When we talk about Rimini, on the Romagna Riviera, we obviously think of the bathing season, whose peak begins as early as mid-June and ends at the beginning of September.

    How to book a free beach in Liguria?

    App to book Liguria beach lamialiguria is the name of the official app of the Liguria Region launched on 1 July 2020. A real tool to enhance and learn about the vast wealth of tourist offers in Liguria.
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