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    When does Ristori 5 arrive?

    When does Ristori 5 arrive?

    When does Ristori 5 arrive?

    As required. Eligible taxpayers can request the non-repayable grant with a specific application, to be submitted exclusively electronically, from May 28 to May 2021.

    When does the support decree 2021 come out?

    The law decree n. 73/2021 introduces important innovations for businesses and families, starting with the new non-repayable contributions up to the extension of the REM. Here's what it predicts. Sostegni bis decree, final text published in the Official Gazette of 25 May 2021 and officially in force.

    When do the payments of the bis support decree arrive?

    Automatic payments for the non-repayable contributions of the Sostegni bis decree: on 22 June 2021 the MEF and the Revenue Agency inform that the transfers for the new aid have started. Sums disbursed on current accounts and as tax credits amount to 5,2 billion euros.

    When does the bis support decree go to the Official Gazette?

    The Sostegni bis Decree (Business, Work, Youth Decree) published in the Official Gazette of 25 May 2021 as Law Decree 73/2021 (here the full text of the Sostegni bis) containing urgent measures related to the emergency from COVID-19, for businesses , work, young people, health and local services, is in ...

    When will the support decree be published in the Official Gazette?

    In GU n. 70 of the Decree-Law, n. 41: Urgent measures in the field of support to businesses and economic operators, labor, health and local services, connected to the emergency from COVID-19.

    When does the second month of emergency income arrive?

    With regard to the Emergency Income, from 15 September 2021, there will be the payment of the second month's salary for those who have submitted the application for a 4-month extension of the RM provided for by the Sostegni Bis Decree. The Irpef Bonus (formerly Renzi Bonus) will instead be paid from 23 September 2021.

    When does the lost fund arrive?

    the date of June 16 for the automatic payment of non-repayable contributions; the date of 23 June to request the integration of the support provided for by decree no. 73/2021, based on the difference in turnover for the period April 2020-March 2021 compared to the previous 12 months.

    When will the new grants arrive?

    Non-repayable contributions 2021: on July 22, with the final approval of the Senate, the Sostegni bis Decree was converted into law and with the changes made to the text, new subjects can join the audience of beneficiaries.
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