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    When does BDM deliver?

    When does BDM deliver?

    When does BDM deliver?

    BDM couriers' delivery operations are scheduled daily from 9:00 to 18:00. During this time, your shipment will be delivered to you.

    What does parcel forwarded to the destination branch mean?

    In transit: Your shipment is being processed at one of our sorting centers; Delivery branch processing: Your shipment has arrived at the branch that will carry out the delivery; Delivery: Your shipment has been entrusted to the courier in charge of delivery (link to tracking).

    How do I know Shein's courier?

    Shein parcel tracking is easy with Ordertracker, all you need to do is paste your tracking number in the field above to track a parcel or go to the international tracking section. We provide you with the most powerful package tracking system for any post office.

    What does transit hub mean?

    In transit: package in transit on courier vehicles, waiting to reach the destination hub to be delivered and / or to make a stopover.

    What does it mean not in delivery today in qu?

    - EXPECTED DELIVERY DURING THE COURSE OF THE DAY: the courier will make the first attempt of same-day delivery. - NOT IN DELIVERY. WAITING FOR INSTRUCTIONS FROM THE SENDER FOR POSSIBLE RETURN: we have not yet been provided with the information necessary to be able to return the order.

    What does branch of destiny mean?

    Branch of destination: This is the code of the branch that will be responsible for distribution / forwarding to another branch or courier.

    What does it mean to arrive at the local courier?

    It means they should be on delivery soon. On delivery - the courier is about to deliver the shipment later in the day.

    What is the local hub?

    The sorting center as the headquarters is a structure usually made up of buildings and warehouses, where all types of goods that travel to reach their destinations are temporarily deposited inside.

    Where is Shane's international warehouse located?

    To date, Shein claims to have warehouses around the world (one office in China, one in Europe and one in the USA) even though the production of the products takes place in China.
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