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    When does agricultural bonus arrive?

    When does agricultural bonus arrive?

    When does agricultural bonus arrive?

    The payments of the INPS bonus of 800 euros for agricultural workers will start from day 21.

    When does the money for the bis support decree arrive?

    Automatic payments of non-repayable contributions at the start: aid from the Sostegni bis decree begins. ... The automatic payment ordered on June 22, 2021 arrives a few days later than the times initially communicated by the Minister of Economy, Daniele Franco.

    What is up to the farm workers?

    The Sostegni bis Decree allocates a one-off € 800 INPS bonus to agricultural workers affected by the pandemic. This incentive, which does not contribute to the formation of income, is incompatible, at the time of collection, with the basic income and emergency income.

    When do the payments of the Sostegni bis Decree arrive?

    Automatic payments for the non-repayable contributions of the Sostegni bis decree: on 22 June 2021 the MEF and the Revenue Agency inform that the transfers for the new aid have started. Sums disbursed on current accounts and as tax credits amount to 5,2 billion euros.

    When will the non-repayable contributions be paid?

    Central theme for companies and VAT numbers put on the wall by the covid emergency are non-repayable contributions also renewed with the Sostegni bis Decree: automatic payments will be disbursed starting today 16 June, as anticipated by the same Minister of Economy Daniele Franco, heard in the audition at ...

    Who is eligible for the € 800 bonus?

    Those who meet the following requirements can submit applications for the new bonus of € 800: not being holders of direct pension treatment and not being insured with other compulsory social security forms; not be beneficiaries of Citizenship Income referred to in the decree-law of 28 January 2019, n.

    When can you claim the 800 euro bonus?

    The amount of the Iscro bonus ranges from a minimum of € 250 to a maximum of € 800 per month. The disbursement is guaranteed by INPS for 6 months. And it can be requested only once in the three-year period 2021-2023. If you decide to apply by October 31, 2021, you will no longer be able to apply by 20.
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