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    When do you have a daughter phrases?

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    When do you have a daughter phrases?

    When do you have a daughter phrases?

    You have been tenderness, fragility, joy, happiness, peace… now I know what you are, you are pure love and without you I could not live, you, my daughter, are my life. If I look at everything I've done in my life, you are the best part. You have been an amazing daughter and have become a wonderful woman.

    What to wish for a daughter?

    • A wonderful birthday to the most wonderful daughter in the world!
    • I don't know what we did in my past life to deserve such a wonderful daughter. ...
    • Happy birthday to our beloved princess! ...
    • Happy birthday to my dear daughter! ...
    • Happy birthday to the best daughter we could wish for!

    What to write to a birthday daughter?

    I wish you a happy birthday and a lot of luck for the future! Happy birthday to my dear daughter! You are incredibly precious to me and I hope you receive all the love, peace and happiness you deserve over the next few years. Happy birthday, my darling!

    What to write to a daughter who is getting married?

    Best wishes for a happy marriage, my dear daughter! To the best daughter we could wish for, heartfelt wishes on this special day! Seeing you so beautiful and happy today, with a man who loves you beside you, is my greatest joy. I am sure you will have a long and joyful marriage, and that is what you deserve.

    What to give to a daughter who gets married?

    The most symbolic gift of all, however, is certainly the passage of a jewel from mother to daughter: very often it is a ring, either the engagement ring or the one that the grandmother had given to the mother on the occasion of the latter's wedding. , as if to renew the family tradition.

    When you are happy Tell us what sentence?

    They want to talk about everything. Men want a lot of friends - and they don't want to be mad at them. " 8) “The artist's job is to make people like life more”. 9) "When things go well and everything goes smoothly, stop for a moment, please, and say aloud: 'What's more beautiful than this'".

    What to say to a child who turns 50?

    Best wishes and a warm embrace full of dreams and hopes, of achievements and goals. Being what we are and becoming what we are capable of becoming is the only end of life. Greetings for your years, my son. I wish you a life full of wonders, surprises, friends and satisfactions.
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