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    When do the shops open in Campania?

    When do the shops open in Campania?

    When do the shops open in Campania?

    Campania returns to the orange zone from Monday 19 April: therefore most of the shops reopen, including barbers, hairdressers and beauty centers after more than a month and a half. On the other hand, bars and restaurants are still closed for consumption within their premises, while take-away and home delivery are still allowed.

    When was Centro Campania opened?

    This shopping center, born in 2010, develops like a real shopping district, with real squares and streets.

    When will the clothing stores in Campania reopen?

    The shopping centers will restart on December 9th. With the orange zone in Campania reopen clothing stores and more. Starting from Sunday 6 December various activities will be able to reopen after the closure of 15 November when Campania entered the red zone.

    When do restaurants reopen in Campania?

    Campania returns to the yellow zone Covid19. From 26 April you can return to eat at the outdoor tables in the restaurant and bar.

    Who is the owner of the Campania shopping center?

    Klépierre group Your Campania center is part of the Klépierre group, whose commitment and contribution to the planet, local communities and people is evident in all the activities and initiatives carried out every day in our shopping centers in Europe.

    When will clothing stores reopen in Campania 2021?

    Campania in the Orange area from Monday, the shops reopen: all the rules. Campania returns to the "orange" area from Monday 19 April. Good news for citizens and businesses.

    When will the clothing stores reopen?

    On Monday 18 May all clothing and footwear stores will reopen. They have so far remained closed to the public, with the exception of activities aimed at children, to limit the spread of the new Coronavirus infection.

    What are the rules of the orange zone in Campania?

    • TRANSFERS - Curfew from 22pm to 5am. ...
    • SCHOOL - Teaching in presence for kindergarten, elementary and middle school. ...
    • BAR - Catering services within the premises are suspended (including pubs, bars, restaurants, ice cream parlors and pastry shops).
    •30 Farvardin 1400 AP

    When do Naples restaurants reopen?

    From June 23st, bars and restaurants will be able to regularly resume their indoor activities, both with table service and counter service, in compliance with the curfew time, therefore closing at 00pm until June 6 and at 24:00 from 7 to 21, when the curfew will end.

    When do the restaurant halls reopen?

    The official status has arrived: the bars and restaurants reopen from Monday 18 May, as well as the shops, based on the differentiations imposed by the individual Regions.

    What can be done in the red zone in Campania?

    TRAVEL - In the red area only the following movements are allowed: for proven reasons of work, health or necessity (also to another Region or Autonomous Province); the return to their residence, domicile or home.

    When do shops reopen?

    With the approval of the decree law of the Council of Ministers, the green light for the opening of shopping centers on holidays and the day before holidays has arrived starting from Saturday 22 May: all shops open, not just essential services (such as parapharmacies, pharmacies, supermarkets present within these complexes).
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