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    When do shopping centers reopen on Saturdays?

    When do shopping centers reopen on Saturdays?

    When do shopping centers reopen on Saturdays?

    What changes from 22 May: the summary of the news Here is a summary of the rules for shopping centers, updated with the entry into force of the new May decree on reopening: Yellow and white zone - from 22 May the shopping centers are also open in the weekend (Saturday and Sunday) and public holidays.

    What can you do in the yellow shopping area?

    In the yellow zone the restaurants are also open indoors, the takeaway service and home delivery are always allowed. A maximum of 4 people can sit at the table, unless they are cohabitants, with a minimum distance of one meter between the guests.

    When do the stores reopen inside the shopping centers?

    And now, finally, the reopening for shopping centers arrives even on weekends. The Draghi government has set the official date for the restart of these activities with the new Reopening decree of 17 May (here you will find the complete calendar with all the dates).

    When do shopping centers reopen?

    On 22 May the shopping centers, markets, galleries and commercial parks reopen at the weekend and the ski lifts in the mountain resorts, which were closed since last summer, also reopen.

    When can clothing stores in Campania reopen?

    Campania enters the orange zone from Monday 19 April. Barbers, hairdressers and beauticians reopen. Commercial establishments selling non-essential goods and clothing stores are also reopening. Bars and restaurants still closed, only take-away and home delivery possible.
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