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    When did Lazio Bayern Munich end?

    When did Lazio Bayern Munich end?

    When did Lazio Bayern Munich end?

    Bayern Munich-Lazio 2-1: comment on the result of the match.

    How did Bayern Lazio end up?

    Bayern Munich-Lazio 2-1, goals and highlights: Lewandowski and Choupo-Moting decide.

    Where do they show Bayern Munich-Lazio?

    The match between Bayern Munich and Lazio, valid for the return leg of the Champions League round of 21, will be broadcast live by Sky at 00:252 on Sky Sport Uno and Sky Sport XNUMX channels. The commentary will be by Andrea Marinozzi, with the technical comment by Fernando Orsi.

    Where to see Lazio's match in the Champions League?

    The match between Lazio and Zenit, valid for the 4th day of the group stage of the Champions League, will be broadcast by Sky at 21:00 on Sky Sport Arena (satellite and internet) and Sky Sport 253 (satellite and internet) channels.

    Where to see Bayern today?

    The kick-off of the super challenge is set at 20.30 with live coverage on Sky Sport Uno (commentary by Pietro Nicolodi). The match is also visible on SkyGo and NowTv .... TAG:
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    • borussia dortmund.
    • germania.

    How to see the Lazio match?

    Lazio-Spezia will be visible exclusively on Dazn and there will be no television coverage. To watch the game you will need to download the Dazn app and subscribe to the platform.

    Where can I see today's Lazio match?

    As for Dazn, the match will be streamed and usable on smart TVs compatible with the app and on all TVs connected to an Xbox or PlayStation 4/5 console, to a TIMVISION BOX or to an Amazon Fire TV Stick or device. Google Chromecast or alternatively on pc and mobile devices.

    Where to see Empoli Lazio today?

    The match can be viewed live on Sky Sport Uno, Sky Sport Calcio and Sky Sport 251. Also in 4K HDR with Sky Q satellite. Available on Sky Go, also in HD. Commentary of the match entrusted to Compagnoni, comment by Luca Marchegiani; on the sidelines Nosotti and Petrucci.
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