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    When are the results of the Maturity tests released?

    When are the results of the Maturity tests released?

    When are the results of the Maturity tests released?

    The date of publication of the grades should be established by the committees during the plenary meeting today, June 14, but it is not certain that the teachers have communicated which is to the students.

    When results Maturity 2021?

    16 June The 2021 high school exam will start on 16 June at 8:30. The commissions will hear 5 candidates a day, net of particular organizational provisions. The orals will proceed in alphabetical order, starting from the letter extracted by the teachers during the plenary meeting on 14 June.

    How important are the credits to the Maturity?

    The maximum grade that can be taken in the state exam is 100, while the minimum grade is 60. The two written tests and the oral interview are assessed up to a maximum of 20 points each (20 + 20 + 20 = 60), while the maximum score deriving from credits is 40 (60 + 40 = 100).

    How is the 2021 maturity?

    The exam will consist of a "reinforced" interview, also called maxi oral, an oral test that will start from the discussion of a paper, the topic of which was assigned to the students by the class council by April 30th.

    How many points is the signature worth at the 2021 maturity?

    24 points Signing will not give "starting" points other than those earned from school credit. Passing for the oral interview is set at 24 points out of 40, but it is the commission that manages the score in its entirety.

    How are the credits for the final examination calculated?

    1. THIRD CLASS. - Average of the marks equal to 6. Credit achieved: 7-8. New credit: 11-12. ...
    2. FOURTH CLASS. - Average of grades less than 6. Credit achieved: 6-7. New credit: 10-11. ...
    3. FIFTH CLASS. - Average of grades less than 6. Credit awarded: 11-12. - Average of marks equal to 6.

    How many subjects do you take to the 2021 State Exam?

    The 470 thousand graduates will have to discuss a paper agreed with their professors on the subjects of address. There will be, Latin language and culture and Greek language and culture to classical, mathematics and physics to scientific, foreign language and culture 1 and foreign language and culture 3 for the linguistic high school.

    How is the 2021 State Exam organized?

    Exposition of the paper, analysis of the text, analysis of the material established by the commission and exposition of the experiences of PCTO: these are the 4 main phases of the maxi-oral 2021. Here is their order of appearance within the single exam of the exam of maturity this year.
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